Performance Evaluation of New Advanced Zr Alloys for BWRs and PWRs/VVERs Vol. II


To meet the current situation with more aggressive reactor environments (higher burnups, changing water chemistries and loading patterns), and resolving fuel performance issues such as BWR channel bowing and PWR assembly bowing, a large number of zirconium alloys have been and are being developed. The main driver for the initial material development in Pressurised Water Reactors (PWRs) has been to reduce corrosion rates and Hydrogen Pick-Up Fractions (HPUFs), which have occasionally limited the maximum discharged burnup.

However, to ensure that the new Zirconium Alloys performs satisfactory during normal operation, Anticipated Operational Occurrences (AOOs), postulated accidents and intermediate dry storage, it is crucial to assess the projected performance of components of the new zirconium alloy materials and relate the performance to the material characterises. This assessment is the objective of this Special Topic Report (STR). This ZIRAT22 STR is an update and expansion of the ZIRAT16 Report since the ZIRAT22 STR also includes BWR material development.