ANT International − Advanced Nuclear Technology International was founded in 2001 and is run by its majority owner Peter Rudling. ANT International consists of:

  • A World Class Network of Experts (The Network)
  • The office in Göteborg, Sweden with a management staff

The mission of ANT International is to transfer the unique expertise of The Network, that developed the current nuclear industry, to the new generation of engineers. The goal is to improve safety and profitability throughout the nuclear industry.


The company is specialised in providing expert training and knowledge in the areas of
Fuel Material, Structural Material Degradation and Coolant Chemistry and Corrosion.

The expert training is provided through seminars, online courses and handbooks & reports by ANT International Network of Experts.

The Network were the leaders of the nuclear technical community that developed the current nuclear industry.

ANT International and the Network do not rely on fuel/reactor vendors. The information provided in our products and services is unbiased and analysed with a bird eyes view on the business.


Peter Rudling


Office phone: + 46 (0)31 88 16 00

Angela Olpretean

Business Office Director

Direct phone: + 46 (0)70 263 13 77

Karin Reimertz

Senior Project Manager

Direct phone: + 46 (0)72 208 11 79

Mikaela Strand

Marketing and Sales Manager

Direct phone: + 46 (0)72 520 74 33

Mari Karlsson

Logistic Manager

Direct phone: + 46 (0)70 265 55 94

Evelyn Hernández

Web Developer

Office phone: + 46 (0)31 88 16 00