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Peter Rudling

Chairman of the Board


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Peter Rudling, Chairman of the Board of A.N.T. International has been awarded the William J. Kroll Zirconium Medal for his contributions to the scientific, technological and commercial aspects of the metallurgy of zirconium. Continue reading

Who We Are

We are A.N.T. International and through our Network of Experts, we are specialised in providing expert training and knowledge in the areas of nuclear fuel, structural materials and water chemistry.

Our business idea is to interpret world-wide R&D results and nuclear plant experience on fuel, structural materials and water chemistry for you as a customer, so that you can make informed decisions for the improved reliability, safety and economics of your operations.

Our Products & Services include:

Annual Programmes
Online Nuclear Education
Annual Seminars

A.N.T. International Nuclear Wiki
Handbooks & Reports
Expert Consultation

Our Philosophy

The mission of A.N.T. International is to transfer the unique expertise of The Network that developed the current nuclear industry to the new generation of engineers. The goal is to improve safety and profitability throughout the nuclear industry.


The company is specialised in providing expert training and knowledge in the areas of Fuel Material, Structural Material Degradation and Coolant Chemistry and Corrosion.


The expert training is provided through seminars, online courses and handbooks & reports by A.N.T. International’s Network of Experts.

The Network

The Network were the leaders of the nuclear technical community that developed the current nuclear industry.

Unbiased Review

We do not rely on fuel/reactor vendors. The information provided in our products and services is unbiased and analysed with a bird eyes view on the business.

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