Fuel Fabrication Process Handbook Rev 1 (FFPH)

The objective of the Fuel Fabrication Process Handbook is to provide guidance for a cost effective audit which uses audit time on areas which are most likely to affect the performance of the PWR/VVER and BWR fuel. The FFPH focuses on a “Process Audit” procedure, the audit of the fabrication process parameters for making high quality fuel. The FFPH provides the “what, why and how” to look at in an audit by:

  • Listing the generic fabrication process steps for all components and their assembly (what to look for).
  • Identifying important audit points and the attendant potential effect of deviations on performance (why to look).
  • Assess the fabrication and QC process control at critical points (how to look).

This Handbook is an updated and expanded version of the previous FFPH Handbook published in 2005. More than 35 organisations worldwide bought this Handbook. The expansion constitutes two sections on Statistical Quality Control and Software Quality Assurance. Statistical QC is a vital part of process control, the establishment of sampling plans and the qualification of inspection methods. The QA of software is important for auditing the software for the expanding automation of fabrication methods.