World-wide 74 organisations in 21 countries are our customers, including:

  • utilities with more than 230 nuclear units
  • fuel vendors
  • engineering companies
  • research laboratories
  • research reactors
  • regulators
  • universities
  • libraries

Below is a list of organisations that have given us their approval to list them as our customers.

Customer Feedback



We find ZIRAT a great help and, in a way, it’s like having an extra person in the team

Ted Darby


The long experience of the LCC Expert Team provides useful information for “sunny and cloudy days” of a chemist job!

Michael Bolz
NPP Philippsburg


One of the main sources of information for the training of our new engineers

Cristina Muñoz-Reja Ruiz

ANT International Academy

Materials Degradation in LWRs

The seminar gives a very good overview of the problems which are met at the nuclear power plant

Katarzyna Ciosek Högström

Zr Alloy Manufacturing

Excellent presentation material given in a thoroughly professional manner. Excellent interaction with regard to answering the questions raised by the audience

Christopher Smith

Fuel Reliability

What I received from this seminar was basically seeing examples of what went wrong and how it could be avoided

Ville Peri

Tailored Seminars

The seminar was conducted in an open manner with plenty of interaction

Dr. Yang-Pi Lin
Global Nuclear Fuel

Two days may have saved months of work

Dr Todd Allen
INL and the University of Wisconsin

An excellent seminar with a lot of interaction with the audience

Juan de Dios Sánchez Zapata

Handbooks & Reports

Fuel Design Review

Decades of experience in a single volume

Hajime Fujii
Mitsubishi Nuclear Fuel Co. Ltd.

Fuel Fabrication Process

I never leave home without it when I am performing an audit. It has become an invaluable reference to ensure that I am auditing the important characteristics of fuel fabrication.

Scott D. Ferguson
Wolf Creek Nuclear Operating Corporation

Management of BWR Control Rods

Everything you need to know about control rods

Manuel Albendea