Every year we provide 10-15 seminars worldwide. In these seminars we cover a wide range of topics. This is great opportunity to discus current issues of interest with our network of experts.


Our handbooks & reports on current issues provide guidance for those needing to get an introduction of the various topics covered or to update and refresh the memory of those with materials/plant chemistry background.


This tool enables our customers to quickly find the information they are looking for. The AWIKI is continuously updated with the most recent information in the fuel material, coolant chemistry and corrosion, and structural material degradation areas.


With our Annual Programmes, we offer our members an in-depth comprehensive, periodic, timely review and analysis of all the new technology data in the public domain on a yearly basis.


We offer a variety of online individual course, educational programmes and custom-tailored courses and programmes. After passing the final test, a certificate will be issued to the student.

Expert Consultation Services

Consultation and technical support services for ANT International customers