Operational Issues and Practices in PWRs

Operational Issues and Practices are important issues for plant personnel. These issues may require optimization or an exchange of knowledge to improve plant operation in a safe, economical, environmentally sustainable way. This report combines the following topics of potentially important consequences:

  • Total Organic Carbon (TOC) in primary and secondary system water
  • Best practices for corrosion products removal in reactor coolant systems (RCS) of VVERs and the use of mechanical filters or macroporous resins
  • Best practices for the use of Ion Exchange Resins for RCS, SG blowdown, and the spent fuel pool
  • Best practices to mitigate condenser leakages and recommendations for Operation procedures in case of large impurities ingress
  • The Use of Dispersant to Mitigate Steam Generator Corrosion Product Deposition In addition to the help for utilities, this report may be of interest for manufacturers and regulators in understanding some plant issues.