Key Emerging Issues and Recent Progress Related to Plant Chemistry/Corrosion

The report covers the impact of manufacturing on microstructure and in-reactor performance of Zr-Nb alloys. The report was co-authored by Russian scientists involved in the development of the Russian Alloys E110, E635 and E125.

1. The EPRI Steam Generator Secondary Side Management Conference covering:
  • Deposit generation and transport
  • Deposit control and mitigation
  • Deposit consolidation and removal
  • Short and long term strategic planning
2. BWR issues presented in the EPRI Conference
3. The Nuclear Power Chemistry Conference covering:
  • Primary water chemistry including:
  • Secondary water chemistry including:
  • Auxiliary systems, cooling water systems, water and waste treatment
  • Lifetime management and plant ageing
  • Maintenance including curative and preventive cleaning methods
  • Future trends and new developments