Newsletter from A.N.T. International No.42, 2018

ZIRAT22/IZNA17 SEMINAR Shanghai, China 2018

The 2018 ZIRAT22/IZNA17 Seminar was kindly hosted by Shanghai Nuclear Engineering Research & Design Institute Co., Ltd, in Shanghai. The 2-day November seminar was opened by Director Mr. Libing Zhu 朱丽兵 and dedicated to Interim Dry Storage of Spent Fuel and given by Dr. Albert Machiels. Twenty-five representatives from 5 different Chinese organisations attended the well-appreciated seminar.

See the picture gallery below.

ZIRAT22/IZNA17 SEMINAR Japan, 2018

The 2018 ZIRAT22/IZNA17 Seminar was kindly hosted by Nuclear Fuel Industries, Ltd. in Tokyo. The 1-day November seminar was opened by Senior General Manager Hideaki Kishita-san from NFI on Interim Spent Fuel Dry Storage provided by Dr. Albert Machiels. Eleven representatives attended the well-appreciated seminar.

Upcoming Seminars in China and Japan 2019

The Seminars in China and Japan are planned to take place in October 2019. The duration of each seminar will be of 1 day, covering the following topics:

  • China – Zr alloy corrosion and hydrogen pickup, Irradiation creep and growth
  • Japan – Zr alloy corrosion and hydrogen pickup.

More information will be provided later.

Co-operation with NuSTAR

A.N.T. International is glad to announce the beginning of a co-operation with NuStar.

Shanghai NuStar Nuclear Power Technology Co, Ltd. (NuStar) was founded in 2011 by former Shanghai Jiaotong University professors and graduate students. It is the first and currently the only private company in mainland China that focuses on commercial PWR core technology development and service provision.

Dr. Malcolm Griffiths

The most recent  A.N.T. International expert

Dr. Malcolm Griffiths
Consultant & Adjunct Professor at Queens University
Deep River, Ontario, Canada.

Dr. Malcolm Griffiths  is a world known expert. He has published nearly 100 papers on material characterisation and reactor core materials performance.



Through A.N.T. International independent World Class Network of 18 Experts we can provide unique knowledge and experience in the nuclear field.

Seminars 2019

Don’t forget to sign up for the upcoming ZIRAT, LCC and A.N.T. International Academy (ANTIA) Seminars 2019, in Clearwater Beach Fl, USA and Palma de Mallorca, Spain.

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