We are pleased to announce the arrangements for the ZIRAT27 and LCC18. Seminars that will take place in USA (ZIRAT27) and Spain (ZIRAT27 and LCC18).

These seminars are open to all current ZIRAT27 and LCC18 members.

  • In USA, the ZIRAT27 Seminar will be hosted by EPRI at EPRI office in Charlotte, NC, USA
  • In Europe, the LCC18 and ZIRAT27 seminars will be hosted by Iberdrola Generacion Nuclear in Madrid and will be held on the Iberdrola Campus in San Agustin de Guadalix.

Information on the locations can be found in the Invitation Letter ZIRAT27/LCC18 2023 -see link at the bottom.

» The LCC18 Seminar will be held on April 12-14.

» The ZIRAT27 Seminar will take place on April 12-14 in Madrid and May 2-4 in Charlotte, NC

If your organisation has any special issues or topics you would like us to cover in future ZIRAT and LCC Programmes, please send your suggestions before the Seminars to Peter Rudling at peter.rudling@antinternational.com. Note that the ZIRAT and LCC participants will also have a chance to give these suggestions at the Seminars.

A.N.T. International, the ZIRAT and LCC experts will use your input to put together the most interesting topics to be covered in future ZIRAT and LCC Programmes.

For further information about the upcoming Seminars, please contact us via e-mail: seminar@antinernational.com.

Download the invitation letter below:

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