Prof. G. Robert Odette



Distinguished Emeritus Research Professor Odette’s received his PhD from MIT in 1970, before becoming UCSB faculty member for five decades. His research focuses on developing robust methods for predicting the performance, reliability and lifetime limits of materials and structures in extremely hostile service environments; and developing new, high-performance materials, especially for nuclear fission and fusion energy applications. His research closely integrates experimental and multi-scale modeling studies of microstructural evolutions that are linked to deformation and fracture properties, which are assessed by innovative small specimen testing methods, which he developed. Professor Odette has more than 500 publications listed on Google Scholar, which have garnered over more than 15,000 citations and a h-index of 65.

Professor Odette’s honors and awards include: ANS – Distinguished Achievement Awards in 1994 and 2010, Special Achievement Award 2010, Best Paper 2004 and 2016, Fellow 1998, Mishima Award 1998; TMS – Structural Materials Distinguished Scientist of the Year Award 2014, JOM Best Structural Materials Paper Award 2015, Fellow 2016, ASM – Fellow 2018; AAAS – Fellow 2019. Symposia in his honor were held at the TMS Annual Meeting in 2009 and at the International Conference of Fusion Reactor Materials in 2019.