Mr. Omar Agatiello is a chemical engineer with post-graduation in nuclear engineering and in health physics. He has more than forty years of experience in the nuclear field covering activities in the areas of plant operation, plant project and plant service and refurbishment. He worked as senior chemical engineer, senior health physicist, project manager, and director in the nuclear operations division of Atomic Energy of Canada Ltd., later Candu Energy Inc., a subsidiary of SNC Lavalin Nuclear.

He has hold operating general and specific licenses as Radiation Protection and Health Physics Superintendent in three NPPs. The activities carried out along his early career as radiation protection superintendent, chemistry control superintendent, and senior advisor, include plant operation (10 years), construction, commissioning, and start up of new NPPs  (13 years) nuclear facilities decommissioning (4 years) and refurbishment of aged NPPs (6 years) in about 20 NPPs worldwide, were a relevant, valuable experience in holding the positions of Director and Senior Advisor and starting the service and consulting activities.