Mr. Klas Lundgren


Klas Lundgren graduated 1973 in M.S Engineering Physics, Chalmers University of Technology, Gothenburg, Sweden. He joined ASEA-ATOM (later ABB Atom) in 1973 and was one of the founders of ALARA Engineering in 1995, which from 2008 was incorporated in Studsvik Nuclear. Main areas of interest have been:

  • BWR water chemistry, radiation and materials – sampling and analysis, cleanup systems, condensate, feed and reactor water chemistry, gamma scanning and radiation measurements, Hydrogen Water Chemistry, radiochemistry evaluations, ALARA reviews in European and US BWRs, computer models for activity buildup in BWRs, post-accident analysis, computerized plant chemistry and activity data systems, radioactivity monitoring systems, radwaste and offgas systems. Plant-Life-Extension (PLEX)
  • PWR water chemistry and radiation – Radiolysis chemistry, activity build-up, safety analysis and source terms
  • Radiation shielding and radiation technology – computer code development, shielding design of BWRs and waste handling facilities, neutron transport calculation for activation and criticality analysis, radiation surveillance at power plants, reactor decommissioning analysis, safety analysis reports. shielding and neutron activation calculations of proton cyclotrons.