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Mr. Juan de Dios Sánchez


Juan de Dios Sánchez has a degree in Industrial Chemistry and has been linked to Cofrentes Nuclear Plant in Spain most of his career. Juan started his work at the nuclear industry in 1982 at Valdecaballeros project and, in 1983, he joined the Cofrentes project for the systems commissioning and startup test. He participated in the set up of the chemistry and radiochemistry laboratories and later on he was appointed as radwaste supervisor and he lead the waste cement system and condensate clean-up filters improvements. He took over Chemistry and Radiochemistry management in 1991 until mid 2006. In this period he played an important role in different chemistry improvement projects such as Depleted Zinc addition, Hydrogen Water Chemistry, Recirculation System Chemical Decontamination and On Line Noble Metal Implementation, as well as in the Plant Environmental Management System. In 2006 he was appointed to lead the Plant Life Management Program, that aims to identify the degradation mechanisms of the safety related structures, systems and components and stablish its mitigation and surveillance through the Aging Management Programs. The Plant Life Management Program has been the main support for the last Cofrentes License Renewal application presented to the CSN regulatory body. This renewal covers a period that exceeds the initial 40 years life original design of Cofrentes and the operating license was granted in 2020. Juan has particitated in different international projects, such as EPRI BWRVIP, EPRI BWR Water Chemistry Guidelines, BWR European Forum, IAEA iGALL. He has lectured on Chemistry at the Master of Applied Nuclear Ingeneering (MINA) at Universidad Autónoma de Madrid and CIEMAT, and took part as a lecturer in several fuel and materials seminars.