Mr. Fernando Roumiguière


Mr. Fernando Roumiguière is chemical engineer with post-graduation in nuclear engineering. He has thirty eight years of experience in the nuclear field covering activities in the areas of plant operation, plant project and plant service. He worked as senior engineer and project manager in the power plant chemistry department of the Siemens Nuclear Division, later AREVA NP GmbH. He has been certified as Company Senior Advisor in the area of Power Plant Chemistry in July, 2008.

He was also engaged as IAEA Consultant for chemistry issues in the preparation of the IAEA TECDOC 1668 – Management of Ageing of Steam Generators, 2011.  The activities carried out along his early career include plant operation (6 years), and plant system basic and detail design and planning, plant project (6 years), were a relevant, valuable experience before starting the service and consulting activities. These include service and consulting activities in about 30 NPPs worldwide.