Mr. Adolfo Repáraz



Mr. Adolfo Repáraz has extensive experience in the commercial nuclear industry in the areas of fuel mechanical design and manufacturing, irradiated fuel inspection, fuel performance assessment, failed fuel diagnostics, irradiated fuel inspection tooling, manufacturing surveillances, project management, hot cell inspections, and interaction with licensing authorities.

Mr. Repáraz retired from the Westinghouse Electric Company in 2016, where for ten years, he was the Manager of Product Performance Engineering, responsible for planning and conducting irradiated fuel inspection campaigns of Westinghouse fuel in the US, Taiwan and some European plants and for providing customer support during refueling outages. He also worked for over 21 years with Siemens Power Corporation in Richland, Washington where he was the manager of the fuel design group. His group was responsible for the mechanical design of fuel and core components for PWR and BWR reactors. Under his leadership, Siemens Power Corporation developed and implemented unique solutions to nuclear power plant operational problems including the development of the High Thermal Performance (HTP) grid, products such as the debris filter FUELGUARD nozzle, the fuel rod clip to address the problem of baffle jetting, and the implementation in the US of the BWR ATRIUM fuel design developed in Germany.

As a consultant, Mr. Reparaz has provided independent consulting services to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in the development of advanced fuel designs competing for DOE funding. He is a Certified QA Auditor by AQS (American Quality Society) and a Lead Auditor by DOE OCRWM (Office of Civilian Radioactive Waste Management). Mr. Reparaz also supported the US DOE during the construction of the vitrification plant being built in Richland, Washington. He has performed numerous fuel manufacturing surveillances to support utilities and performed research work for the Electrical Power Research Institute (EPRI).

Mr. Repáraz has a degree in Aeronautical Engineering from the Polytechnical Institute of Madrid (Spain). He holds several US Patents in the areas of PWR and BWR fuel designs.