Ms. Michaela Joanidisova


Ms. Michaela Joanidisova graduated in Analytical chemistry (2012) and subsequently a year later she joined NPP Mochovce as a Chemist. At that time she was specialized on the technology of Secondary circuit, especially functioning of the chemical dosing system and condensate treatment system of secondary circuit. She supervised the chemical and water regime during the commissioning activities of the systems. She was also responsible for the functioning/ operation of the raw water treatment system and sludge treatment system for the needs of cooling circuit.

After several years Ms. Joanidisova was actively managing the EPC contracts at Mochovce site and in the meantime she completed her Professional training for Nuclear staff (during 5 months) with the Certification (2017). This certificate is valid in Slovakia and Czech republic and you can thus work as a shift staff/ operator of a nuclear unit. In 2020, Ms. Joanidisova joined the company Fennovoima in Finland where her work focused on completion and correctness of the project documentation and development of the basic design documentation related to the Nuclear island and chemical systems.

Finally in 2021, Ms. Joanidisova joined UJV where she works as a Head of Chemistry, where the work is 99% focused on nuclear industry/ units. Over the years she has specialized in the water chemistry of all 3 cooling circuits and SGs lifetime and their condition. Some of the publications (of my team and our work/ projects/ research) are currently under preparation.