Dr. Mojmir Valach


Dr. Mojmir Valach retired from ÚJV Řež a.s. in 2016 as its leading senior researcher. Dr. Valach has 40+  years research and technical experience  in the following VVER areas:

• Nuclear  fuel cycle area,

• Reactor core thermomechanics,  

• Heat  transfer,

• Structural mechanics of fuel  assemblies and fuel element 

• Computer modelling of nuclear fuel themomechanical
behaviour for safety analyses and operational support


More specifically, areas of responsibility included:

– Coordination of theoretical and experimental research  work of fuel rod behaviour, material research and irradiation data interpretation.

– Development of methodologies, mathematical/physical  models  and computer codes for thermomechanical analyses of PWR  fuel  rods  and assemblies under operational and accident conditions.

– Application/programming  languages for mainframes, workstations  and  PC’s  under  IBM  OS/VS, UNIX/LINUX or MS DOS/WINDOWS (ASSEMBLER, FORTRAN, PL1,BASIC, Pascal, C,C++, TSO,  JCL,ANSYS, ABAQUS,COSMOS M).

– Databases applications development for experimental data sets treatment on PC’s.

– Industry oriented software tools development, application for the on-line and off-line nuclear core/fuel elements and  monitoring and integrity evaluations  (}SCORPIO WWER I&C system)

– Scientific Support and Expertise related to nuclear fuel licensing process ( Westinghouse VV6 Fuel , TVEL TVSA-T fuel, VVER 440 Gd2m and PK3+ fuel) for the regulatory body of Czech Republic SONS in frame

– Management work in many research projects related to the nuclear fuel reliability and safety issues

– Long term engagement in the OECD CSNI/NEA working groups and active participation in the IAEA nuclear safety oriented technical projects FUMEX I, FUMEX II and FUMEX III, partially FUMAC,  destructive and non-destructive PIE facilities, fuel safety criteria of PWRs and VVERs

Member of technical boards: OECD HRP Project more than 20 years, Studsvik SCIP Project I, II, III,WGFS group of OECD NEA, several contracts  with IAEA etc.