Dr. Kit Coleman

Fuel Material


After receiving a PhD in the UK in 1965, Dr. Coleman spent his working career at the Chalk River Laboratories of AECL. He worked on several aspects of zirconium metallurgy applied to the components of the CANDU reactor. He was involved in the development of CANLUB fuel, showed that pressure tubes could sustain high creep strains in-reactor and evaluated several of the parameters of delayed hydride cracking and toughness, especially in irradiated materials. As Manager of Fuel Channels Components Branch he led programmes on improving the properties of pressure tubes and calandria tubes and developing alternate suppliers for these components for the Qinshan reactors in China. He retired in 1999 but retains an attachment to AECL as a Researcher Emeritus.

He has published over 100 papers on zirconium technology and has received a Discovery Award from AECL, the Russ Ogden Award from ASTM and the Kroll Medal from the ASTM/Kroll Institute. He is on the Advisory Editorial Board of the Journal of Nuclear Materials. Since retirement he has been involved in IAEA Coordinated Research Projects, has consulted for EPRI and contributed to ANT International.