Dr. Junichi Takagi is a Chief Specialist in Toshiba Energy Systems & Solutions Corporation in the fields of water chemistry, radiation chemistry, water treatment systems, radwaste treatment systems, decontamination & decommissioning, Fukushima recovery issues, and so on. He has more than 38 years of experience after entering Toshiba Corporation and recently has been devoted to the Fukushima contaminated water treatment and fuel debris retrieval activities.

He received a Doctor’s Degree of nuclear engineering from the University of Tokyo in 1985. He is a fellow member of the Atomic Energy Society of Japan and has been devoted to the Water Chemistry Division since its establishment. He has long been working for the BWR plant construction and maintenance business including radiation exposure reduction and SCC preventive maintenance. He has created the BWR primary loop water chemistry simulation model to predict the corrosion environment of the BWR plants.

After the Fukushima accident in 2011, he has been engaged in the establishment of the contaminated water treatment systems and the development of the fuel debris retrieval process. One of the recent topics is the contribution of the alpha radiolysis to the safety evaluation of the debris retrieval system, especially a hydrogen generation issue.