Dr.Jim Henshaw


Dr.Jim Henshaw is a chemist with a PhD in theoretical chemistry, developing methods to solve the time dependent Schrodinger equation. Jim has extensive experience in modelling radiation chemistry phenomena and has worked on topics relating to nuclear plant chemistry and nuclear reactor water/gas chemistry for over 30 years. Initially employed at Harwell Laboratory by the United Kingdom Atomic Energy Authority 1986 he retired from the UK National Nuclear Laboratory in 2020 as its leading reactor chemist. Jim is a recognised world expert in chemistry and in particular radiation chemistry in nuclear reactor systems. Over the years he has also spent much of his time studying material and activity transport issues in a range of different reactor systems and has a good understand of how reactor chemistry impacts material corrosion and fuel behaviour. Working with organisations around the world he has investigated problems in BWRs, PWRs and gas cooled systems and helped optimise plant operations. In fact many of these reactors currently utilise software for optimising their chemistry operations that he helped develop.