Dr. János Schunk


Dr. János Schunk graduated as chemical engineer (MSc, 1977) and has a post-graduation diploma in applied radiochemistry (1980), Dr. techn. degree in chemistry (1986) and the ”honorary associate professor” title (2006) from Veszprém University (Hungary).

He has been working in nuclear power industry for about 46 years, starting his carrer at Paks NPP, where he participated in construction, commissioning, start-up and operation of all the four WWER-440 units. His experience and expertise – among others – covers primary and secondary water chemistry, chemistry and radiochemistry control, nuclear corrosion, radwastre teratment, decontamination technologies, power upgrade, lifetime extension and refurbishment. During these activities different positions have been held by him (head of laboratory control, head of decontamination technologies, head of chemistry technology section, head of chemistry department).

From 2011 he joined to Paks2 NPP dealing with preparation of implementation of two new build 3+ generation WWER-1200 units. There he was in charge of the department for chemistry, radiation protection, radwaste teratment and environmetal protection. By intensive co-operation with Russuian Contractor different licening activities have been co-ordinated by him (eg. environmental licence, dose constraints, water right licence). Plant systems Basic and Detailed Design Documentation, the Preliminary Safety Assessment Report have been prepared and Implementation Licence have also been received from the nuclear authority (HAEA) during this period.

He was also engaged as IAEA and WANO consultant participating in many OSART and Peer-reviews, Expert Missions, Consultations, co-ordinated programmes, preparation of IAEA Tec Docs, Safety Guides, Special Reports related to chemistry, radwaste treatment and decontamination technology.