We are pleased to announce the arrangements for the 3-day Seminar on Zr Alloy Basics and In-reactor Performance during October 15-17 (a seminar fee applies)  As well as a one day seminar (free of charge) during October 18 on Fuel Performance in China.

We invite all recipients all over the world to attend the Seminars which will be held at Shanghai Nuclear Engineering Research and Design Institute (SNERDI).

The lecturers are: Dr. Malcolm Griffiths, Mr. Peter Rudling and Dr. Shaohong Zhang.

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    Seminar Schedule

    Zr Alloy Basics and In-reactor Performance
    15th – 17th October, 2019

    Zr Alloy Structure and Anisotropy

    Behaviour Under Irradiation

    Design Base Accident

    Fuel Performance
    18th October, 2019

    Zr Alloy Corrosion and Hydrogen Pickup

    Zr Alloy Irradiation Growth and Creep

    NuStar’s Vendor-independent PWR Core Analysis Code and its Value to Utilities

    Invited Speaker: Dr. Shaohong Zhang

    Seminar Speakers


    Dr. Malcolm Griffiths

    Kroll medal winner from the American Society for Testing and Materials…

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    Mr. Peter Rudling

    President of A.N.T. International and co-author to countless papers

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    Dr. Shaohong Zhang
    Invited Speaker

    Dr. Shaohong Zhang is the President and key founder of Shanghai NuStar Nuclear Power Technology Co., Ltd, which is currently the only private company in mainland China that is capable of providing vendor-independent commercial reactor core analysis codes and related services. He obtained his degree in 1997 from Nuclear Engineering Department of Xi’an Jiaotong University, where he then worked for five years in the area of reactor physics and numerical methods. In 2002, he joined School of Nuclear Science and Engineering, Shanghai Jiaotong University and created a new reactor physics group there. He was the group leader till he quitted his professorship in 2011.
    The focus of Dr. Zhang’s scientific interests is LWR core analysis method and its practical applications. He is currently the committee member of Nuclear Reactor Mathematics and Computational Methods Division, Chinese Nuclear Society.


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